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Alcohol consumption advice

Why not take an Alcohol MOT.  Please download and print the Alcohol MOT part 1 form.  Fill it in with your name and DOB at the top and leave it into the surgery.  If your score shows your drinking is hazardous or high risk please download and print the Alcohol MOT part 2.  Fill it in and make an appointment to discuss with your GP or visit one of the support websites listed at the bottom of this page.

To protect their health, men should not drink more than four units in any one day, and women not more than three units.  Over the course of a week, men should not drink more than 21 units, and women not more than 14 units.  It’s important to spread these units throughout the week – you can’t 'save up' your units for the weekend or a party.

Some studies associate moderate alcohol intake, one per day, with less risk of heart disease. However, there are many effective alternatives to reducing heart disease without the addition of alcohol.

Alcohol is a drug that depresses the brain. We all know the cheeriness that can come with the first drink, but alcohol can actually cause severe depression.  Alcohol has no vitamin or mineral content, but lots of calories.

If you are a heavy drinker, alcohol will be doing damage to parts of the body you cannot see. Some long term effects of drinking include:

  • Liver disease
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • High Blood Pressure

If you have any questions your doctor will happily discuss individual queries regarding lowering the risk of coronary heart disease and especially 'bad' cholesterol.
In recent years the number of people who drink and drive has decreased dramatically with education and legislation. Alcohol is still a major cause of road traffic accidents.
If you are pregnant every time you have an alcoholic drink your baby is getting one too.


If you are concerned about your alcohol intake or that of a relative or friend, the surgery will be able to advise you on a safe course of action.

You obtain support and advice from the following websites and organisations:

Alcoholics Anonymous - Phone (028) 9043 4848

Addiction NI - Phone (028) 9066 4434

Alcohol and You NI - (028) 9260 4422

Dunlewey Substance Advice - (028) 9039 2547

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services for Young People - (028) 9043 5815


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